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Selene Specs

Lens height: 46mm

Length: 150mm

Fashionable designer inspired oversized frames for the trendy individual. 

Customer Reviews

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Selene Review

Love the shades!! My order arrived quickly. Will order again in the future

Loving my shades

I’m very please with my Selene shades. I can see clearly and look cute. Thank you seven specs.

New shades! Who dis?!

I absolutely LOVE my Selene sunglasses from Seven Specs. I’ve always been afraid to where frames like this because I didn’t think it would flattering. However, the Imperial Blue/Tortoise proved me otherwise. You can see the blue in the top of shades and they’re so cute. They fit completely comfortable. The price is sooo affordable so I DEFINITELY had to get mine. I love Seven Specs. I’ll definitely be purchasing more.

Great Quality

These are so similar to my Celine chunky rectangle acetate sunglasses that I could scream, extremely high quality. I paid 460.00 for mine, and have noticed many retailers selling them for over 500.00. Not to mention they are sold out almost everywhere online, I'm glad I purchased mine in each color before each variation sold out . I was desperate for another paid so I'm glad that I stumbled upon Seven Specs instagram page and noticed them pictured (@shopsevenspecs). $45.00 is a STEAL so to grab mine before the true fashionistas that are ballin on a budget catch on was a big win. Again, I'm glad I was able to jump on these before the price goes up, I have a feeling that these will continue to sell out quickly.