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Moto G54 5G Reviews

Moto G54 5G

Last September, the Moto G54 5G smartphone made its introduction in India. This affordable 5G smartphone available in two variants, with a starting cost of Rs 15,999. In India, Motorola has reduced the cost of the Moto G54 5G smartphone, which went on sale about four months ago. The price has been decreased to Rs 3,000 and is currently available on online stores.The Moto G54 5G is currently available for Rs 13,999 and 15,999 for both models after the price reduction. Both Flipkart and online store are currently showing the updated prices. The Moto G54 5G is available in three color choices. mint green, pearl blue, and midnight blue.

Moto G54 5G 1

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Moto G54 5G specifications

Obviously! A stylish design, amazing photographic capabilities, and excellent performance are all merged in the September 2023 launch of the Motorola Moto G54 5G. It has a 6.5-inch IPS LCD screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz, a glass front, and a plastic back. It has a thin profile. It has 4GB, 8GB, or 12GB of RAM paired with 128GB or 256GB of internal storage, supported by the Mediatek Dimensity 7020 processor. A 50MP primary lens and a 2MP macro lens feature as part of the dual-camera setup, while the 16MP wide-angle selfie camera takes outstanding pictures. The 5000mAh Li-Po non-removable battery can be charged with 15W of wire connection. The Moto G54 5G costs $189.00 and comes in the following colors: midnight blue, indigo blue, glacier blue, and mint green.

It’s an affordable 5G smartphone available in two variants with a starting price of Rs 15,999. Almost four months after its launch, Motorola has reduced the price of the Moto G54 5G 5G smartphone in India. It’s now cheaper by Rs 3,000, and the new price is already live online.


The Moto G54 5G from Motorola has an attractive as well as practical design. Let’s analyze its primary aspects of design:

Moto G54 5G 2

Build and Material:

  • The Moto G54 5G‘s plastic compact design helps it feel lightweight. Its curved corners and soft edges enhance comfort, making it simple to operate. The matte covering on the back gives it a stylish appearance.

Display and Bezels:

  • Its the spotlight on the front is a 6.5-inch IPS LCD panel with a 120Hz refresh rate for smooth interactions.
  • The selfie camera’s center punch-hole presents the design sleek regardless of the bezels are slightly thicker than those of other competitors.

Color Options:

  • Available in Midnight Blue, Indigo Blue, Glacier Blue, and Mint Green, the Moto G54 5G caters to various style preferences.

Water-Repellent Design:

  • The phone has been rated IP52 splash resistant, meaning it stays safe from spills and light rain.

In conclusion, the Moto G54 5G is a reliable and attractive choice for consumers searching for an affordable smartphone because of its design, which fulfills balancing between performance and looks.

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The Moto G54 5G has a 6.5-inch IPS LCD screen with 120Hz refresh rate and FHD+ resolution. The display has a modern center punch-hole for the selfie camera, but its bezels are the largest I’ve noticed recently on smartphones pricing less than Rs 20,000. Nevertheless, the quality of vision is similar to that of other smartphones in the same price category. The Moto G54 5G features a brilliant display that attracts consumers with its fine detail and outstanding performance. Every image, video, and text appears clear and vibrant on a large screen with high resolution, providing an interesting viewing experience. Its advanced display technology making every hue glow and each highlight unique by ensuring accurate color accuracy and great contrast.

Moto G54 5G 3

Moreover, the Moto G54 5G’s display quality is more than just gorgeous pictures. It’s easy to get through apps, browse the web, and play games with enhanced touch sensitivity and response. The display’s clarity ensures smooth interaction and efficient usage whether you’re enjoying multimedia relaxation or working on professional tasks.
The Moto G54 5G’s display quality and detail basically define standards and establish a new benchmark for mid-range smartphones. It’s not only about what you see; it’s all about how you involve with the gadget, providing an incredibly interacting experience through every touch.


The Moto G54 5G has two cameras: an 8MP ultra-wide angle lens with macro and depth features, and a 50MP primary camera with OIS. For capturing selfies, there is a 16MP front camera up front. The Moto G54 5G’s camera system, providing customers an impressive tool for capturing life’s experiences with amazing detail and clarity, is an example to its commitment to quality. With its advanced optics and sensor technology, the Moto G54 5G’s camera generates images that are equal to those from even more costly smartphones.

Moto G54 5G 4

Users can capture clear, detailed pictures in every lighting scenario, from bright sunshine to darkened rooms, with to its high-resolution primary camera. Furthermore, advanced picture processing techniques ensure proper exposure as well as vivid colors, producing images that really glow.

Moreover, the Moto G54 5G’s camera provides a wide range of shooting settings and advanced photographic tools, helping users to display their creativity and take original pictures. Whether it’s employing the night mode for fantastic low-light photos or the portrait mode for beautiful blur effects, the Moto G54 5G’s camera abilities allow users to take more artistic photos.

In conclusion, the Moto G54 5G’s camera detail and qualities make it a flexible and reliable work for capturing life’s memorable events with exceptional brilliance and clarity.


Moto G54 5G is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 7020 SoC and It comes with up to 12GB of RAM and 256GB of onboard storage. There’s also a microSD card slot for storage expansion up to 1TB.The Moto G54 5G is engineered for exceptional performance, seamlessly blending power and efficiency to deliver a smooth and responsive user experience. At its core lies a robust processor, meticulously optimized to handle multitasking, gaming, and productivity tasks with ease. Whether you’re streaming HD content, playing graphic-intensive games, or switching between apps, the Moto G54 5G’s performance remains consistently fluid and lag-free.

Furthermore, its ample RAM ensures swift app loading times and effortless multitasking, allowing you to juggle multiple tasks without missing a beat. Additionally, the device’s optimized software further enhances performance, delivering snappy responsiveness and efficient power management for extended usage.

Moreover, the Moto G54 5G’s performance extends beyond just raw power. Its intelligent software features, such as adaptive battery and AI-driven optimizations, intelligently manage resources to maximize efficiency and prolong battery life, ensuring you stay productive and connected throughout the day.

In essence, the Moto G54 5G sets a new standard for mid-range smartphone performance, combining raw power, intelligent optimization, and seamless efficiency to deliver a truly exceptional user experience.


Moto G54 5G 5

The Moto G54 5G is pre-loaded with Android 13. It is regarded that the smartphone would receive three years of security patches as an extra to the Android 14 update. The Moto G54 5G’s software structure is simple and easy to use, offering a smooth user experience as well as a number of advanced functions. It is based on the most recent variant of the Android operating system and provides excellent performance and usability with access to a broad range of apps and services. In addition, Moto enhancements give quality with features that simplify and enhance daily tasks, such as specific shortcuts, gesture controls, and useful AI-driven optimizations. By offering regular updates and security fixes, the Moto G54 5G offers an excellent and current software experience that keeps you connected and creative.


The Moto G54 5G has a 5,000mAh battery that can be charged at 33 W. A high capacity battery which powers the Moto G54 5G for all of of the day is an advantage. You may easily go about your everyday tasks without worrying about running out of battery because to its excellent power management system. The Moto G54 5G’s battery provides trustworthy durability whether you’re playing games, streaming videos, or browsing the internet. In addition, fast charging capability reduces downtime and keeps you connected when you need it most by allowing you to quickly recharge the mobile device. You do not need to keep searching for an electrical socket to continue using the Moto G54 5G and staying working.

Final verdict

The Moto G54 5G is priced at Rs 15,999 for the 8GB RAM base variant and Rs 18,999 for the 12GB RAM option in India. Almost no other smartphone in this price range comes with 256GB of storage space in with 12GB of RAM. As an alternative, explore the more advanced software supported OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite . A 108MP primary camera and a 67W quick charging technology are also provided. In addition, the Realme 11 5G  offers 67W quick charging.

The Motorola smartphone, in contrast, is better than other brands in the audio department. Its dual speakers with Dolby Atmos technology amaze with their clear sounds. The handset features one of the clearest user interfaces in its market, with its maybe limited software support. In addition to that, the phone offers above-average battery life, efficient performance, and excellent photographic skills. Thus, if you’ve been thinking about buying a Motorola smartphone for under Rs 20,000, the G54 5G could possibly come up being an ideal choice.

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Seven Specs Key

Moto G54 5G

1.       MediaTek Dimensity 7020
2.       50 MP + 8 MP
3.       16 MP
4.       6000 mAh
5.       6.5 inches (16.51 cm)
6.       128GB 8GB RAM, 256GB 12GB RAM
7.       GSM / HSPA / LTE / 5G


Review Summary

Expert Rating★8.0/10


Design★  8.0/10Display★  7.5/10Software★  8.5/10
Camera★  7.0/10Performance★  7.5/10Battery★  8.5/10


Why should you buy?

The Moto G54 5G is an affordable device with outstanding features. It feels durable and comfortable in your hand because to its plastic compact design, which includes curved corners, flat edges, and a matte finish. With FHD+ resolution and a refresh rate of 120Hz, the 6.5-inch IPS LCD screen is outstanding. The MediaTek Dimensity 7020 SoC powers it, and memory configurations include 4GB, 8GB, or 12GB RAM as well as 128GB or 256GB of internal storage. A 50MP primary lens with OIS and a 2MP macro lens are components of the dual-camera configuration. The important feature of this bigger 6,000mAh battery is its excellent power lifespan. Charge times may be improved, too. Dolby Atmos-adjusted stereo speakers produce clear, powerful sounds. In the final analysis, the Moto G54 5G improves the Moto G54 5G, providing superior performance, extended battery life, and improved camera capabilities. It’s an excellent option at its price range if these features are important to you and you agree with acceptable charging speeds.

Reasons to buy

Fine performance
Stereo speakers
Impressive battery life
Good cameras


Reasons not to buy

Charging speeds could have been better
Just one major software upgrade promised

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