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Oppo Reno12 Reviews

Oppo Reno12

The oppo reno12, an android phone that is set to be released in india, is a promising prospect. The price is not officially known but it is projected to start at around 31,990

The reno12 is famous for its camera capabilities, it has a triple camera system, 50mp main sensor, 8mp ultrawide sensor, and another 50mp sensor for zoom or depth effects. Mediatek dimensity 8250 processor and a robust 5000mah battery are expected to be on board.

Oppo reno12 is a midrange phone that looks like it prioritizes camera quality and battery life. Reno12 if you’re in the market for a new phone in this category and want one with all the features you want, then that could be a good choice.

oppo reno 12 image

Specs of Oppo Reno12

Oppo reno12 has a 6.7 inch fhd display and 120hz refresh rate, making it a great viewing experience. The processor under its hood boasts a mediatek dimensity 7300-energy processor and is efficient.

Reno12 has 256gb storage and 12gb ram, so you can store all your apps and files. The back has a triple camera system with a powerful 50mp main sensor, providing detailed and sharp images. 8mp ultrawide sensor and 2mp macro sensor make it a versatile camera for any situation.

Reno12 chargers use a durable 5000mah battery that supports oppo’s exceptional 80w supervooc fast charging, allowing you to quickly recharge your phone. Oppo reno12 is a great device with a big display, powerful processor, two versatile cameras, and a long lasting battery with fast charging.


Oppo reno12 is chic and modern. The phone is comfortable, with a thickness of about 7.4mm and a lightweight construction that allows easy one handedness.

6.7 inch screen, complete immersion, almost without a bezel 2412 x 1080 fhd resolution delivers clear visuals ideal for gaming and video marathons.

oppo reno 12 design 2

The back panel is where the real show takes place. Glossy smooth finish spaceship like substance modern silver hue with a faint violet tinge, creating a sleek and airy aesthetic.

Something can endure, that isn’t lost. Phone is reportedly equipped with an all around armor architecture that safeguards against regular bumps and scratches. Screen is secured by a gorilla glass victus 2 that is renowned for its durability.

Oppo reno12 is a fusion of refined elegance and futuristic design. Slim, comfortable, and looks amazing


Oppo reno12 takes immersion to a whole new level with its 6.7 inch display. Slim form factor, 2412 x 1080 fhd resolution, slim form factor, easy to navigate social media and movies. 120hz refresh rate, smoother transitions and faster gaming

Oppo reno12 is a phone that is primarily for entertainment purposes. Screen is big enough to play video games or games without any room clogs. The back panel is spaceship like and makes it immersive by reducing the bezels and maximizing screen space.

oppo reno 12 display

Gorilla glass victus 2 is more scratch resistant, so you can rest easy against regular wear and tear, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. The phone is said to have an all around armor architecture for added strength, and it’s said to be durable.


The Oppo Reno12 packs a camera system designed to impress aspiring mobile photographers. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

Powerful Main Sensor:  The 50-MP wide-angle main camera sensor with an aperture of f/1.8 is located right in the middle. Therefore, it performs excellently in dim light, taking clear and precise images even when the backdrop has poor lighting.

Versatility with Multiple Lenses:  The Reno12 does not come to a stop there. An 8MP Ultra Wide Sensor has also been included on it making it ideal for taking photographs of vast open spaces as well as squeezing many things into limited areas. Moreover, there is a 2MP Macro Sensor for getting very near your objects- so as to take close –up pictures that are very clear on every detail.

oppo reno 12 camera

AI Enhancements:  The Oppo Reno12 uses AI technology to improve your photography. It automatically adjusts settings for different situations making use of Scene Recognition and Object Optimization thus providing better performance. Besides, it can also assist in making portrait pictures more attractive through adding beautification effects, as well as doing away with backgrounds during creative editing.

Video Prowess:  The Reno12 is fitted with 4K resolution video at 30fps which can be used by a videographer. At the same time, it has slower frame rates compared to 1080p and 720p thus can be used for making quality slow motion videos.

In general, the Oppo Reno12 Camera System is a versatile solution that captures beautiful pictures and videos combining AI functions to give shots that appear more professional.


The Oppo Reno12 packs a punch when it comes to performance, thanks to its combination of cutting-edge hardware and software.

Engineered for Efficiency: The MediaTek Dimensity 7300 Energy chip is what lies at the core of the device, while co-created by Oppo and MediaTek; it is produced using 4nm technology. This leads to enhanced energy optimization which in turn results in extended battery life and reduced heat production during heavy activities.

Smooth Operations: This wonderful ram neduring that multitasking.small amounts many apps one time , for instance ,or playing most modern videogames just graphic wise ;no doubt but it will certainly perform well.”

Plenty of Storage: The selection includes 2 options. They may include a significant amount of free space allocated to applications, photos, music, videos, etc. In addition, UFS 3.1 storage is a great way to achieve faster response with its read and write speeds.

AI Optimization: Oppo’s custom android skin that boasts of an Artificial Intelligent power resource aide system COLOROS version 14.1 that assist in managing resources is an essential feature in saving charge and performance on the basis of how you operate your device so long that calls or writing messages are allowed.

Gaming Prowess: The Reno12 is not a gaming smartphone specifically; however, with its powerful processor, adequate RAM, and display that can refresh at 120 times per second (120Hz), it can be categorized as a good gaming tool. This means that you will get less lag time between what’s happening on your screen and what you do depending on how much these actions interact.

Oppo Reno12 is a good performance phone. The phone can be used for everything every day, multitasking and casual gaming due to its effective chip, enough memory and software optimizations that runs by artificial intelligence (AI).


Oppo reno12 is powered by coloros built on oppo’s custom interface and android 14. Software is a lot of fun and there are a few twists that are oppo.

Ai focus is a big plus. Ai writer, ai summary, and ai speak are all ai tools on the phone. Ai writer is used to write emails and summaries, ai speak is used to translate text into speech on the fly.

Coloros has a lot of productivity features. Floating sidebar lets you quickly access your favorite apps, clipboard, and ai tools depending on the content on your screen. This speeds up multitasking and ai capabilities.

The software can be customized. Coloros themes, icon packs, and overall visual design adjustments. This is for users who want a personalized phone experience.

Updates are also a must. Oppo updates its software regularly to the reno12, giving users access to the latest security patches and possible new features. The settings menu on the phone lets you check for updates.

Oppo reno12 is ai powered software with productivity tools and customization options. Oppo’s take on android is cool, and it’s not pure.


With a generous capacity of 5000mAh, Oppo Reno 12 has a hard hitting battery which is able to enable you stay connected much longer either watching videos online, browsing your social networks or playing games while on transit.Here’s a breakdown of the Oppo Reno12’s battery strengths:

oppo reno 12 battery

Long-lasting Performance: In case you use it the way you normally do, the Reno12 has a 5000mAh battery and can last for the whole day with just one charge.

Rapid Refueling:  The phone supports Oppo’s 80W SUPERVOOC flash charging technology. What this means is it takes very little time to charge the device fully – around 53 minutes according to claims made by Oppo. Even a quick 5-minute charge can reportedly provide several hours of additional use, perfect for those moments when you’re short on time.

Durable Battery Life: Oppo claims that the battery of the Reno 12 is long-lasting. Even if typical daily use over 4 years is factored in (a single charge cycle per day), simulations suggest that the battery should still retain a minimum of 80% of its original capacity. The Oppo Reno12’s battery serves the purpose of durability as well as being user-friendly. This phone has got to be the Reno12’s battery by Oppo. It can stay connected with the busy life because it has large capacity, super-fast charging and maybe even longer life spans for optimal performance.

Final verdict

Oppo reno12 is a reno that aims to stand out from the competition by focusing on aesthetics and user experience. Thin profile makes it slender, almost futuristic, and easy to hold. 120hz refresh rate and big, immersive display make it easy to watch videos or play games. Camera system has good photos and ai functions, but processor isn’t good for demanding games or multitasking. Plastic phone, which may seem less luxurious than metal, is also used. Raw processing power or low light camera capabilities are cheaper, but they are competitive. Oppo reno12 is a good camera, good design, and a smooth display. Practicality and aesthetics that are ideal for everyday use.

Seven Specs Keys

Oppo Reno12
MediaTek Dimensity 7300 Energy | 12 GB
6.7 inches (17.02 cm)
50 MP + 8 MP + 50 MP
50 MP
5000 mAh
256GB 12GB RAM, 512GB 12GB RAM


Review Summary

Experts Reviews Rating 7.5/10

Design★  7.0/10Display★  8.0/10
Software★  7.0/10Camera★  8/10
Performance★  7.0/10Battery★  8.0/10


Why should you buy?

Want a phone that’s both fashionable and practical? Oppo reno12 is the ultimate choice Ultra thin profile, futuristic design, and big display make it a standout midrange model. Reno12 is more than a pretty face. Powerful camera system that enhances your everyday photos and videos, with ai functions that simplify the process of capturing unforgettable moments. Reno12 smooth 120hz display is perfect for social media, tv, gaming on the move. Fast charging technology means you won’t have to charge the outlet for long. Reno12 is a great value proposition for average people who value design, visual appeal, and a robust camera system, all while remaining affordable. Oppo reno12 is a great phone for those who want a stylish and stylish device that can keep up with their routine.

Reasons to buy

Head-Turning Design
AI-Powered Camera Magic
Smooth Sailing Display
Never Get Caught on Empty
Mid-Range Muscle, Mid-Range Price


Reasons not to buy

Mid-Range Performance
Plastic Build
Competitive Market with Feature Trade-offs

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