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POCO F6 Pro Review


POCO F6 Professional In India, it is rumored that the POCO F6 Pro will retail for ₹37,399 (256GB) with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. Information about its other features including a superb 120 Hz AMOLED display which spans 6.67 inches among others has been leaked out. Besides that this software might feature an unconfirmed 50MP primary sensor accompanied by a good complement. Nonetheless, information about heat dissipation mechanisms or secondary cameras could not be verified; therefore, someone should wait for a review.

POCO F6 Pro image

POCO F6 Pro Specifications

The POCO F6 Pro is very strong. It has the best specs. It starts with a big Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip that deals with hard jobs and games well. Players will like the nice 6.67-inch AMOLED screen that moves really well with a 120Hz rate. POCO hasn’t told all about the camera yet, but a 50MP main part tells us it’s good. To stay on all day, there’s a big 5000mAh battery, and 120W fast charge makes it full fast. The phone uses the new TSMC 4nm tech to save power, and the new 4th-gen LiquidCool tech with a big 5000mm² steel part makes sure it stays cool. You can choose from 12GB RAM with 256GB storage to a huge 16GB RAM with a big 1TB, so you can run a lot of apps at once and save all your stuff.

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The POCO F6 Pro looks new and modern. Picture a big phone with a very smooth, shiny back (you can get it in black or white with a slight shine). The big screen goes almost to the sides, with a small dot in one corner for the front camera. The body is tough aluminum that feels good to hold, and all the edges are nicely curved for an easy hold. There’s a part on the back that has all the cameras, but it’s not very big and looks cool. It’s a plain design that feels strong and focuses on giving you a big, nice screen for playing games, watching videos, and browsing.

POCO F6 Pro design


The new POCO F6 Pro has a big, clear screen that makes things look really good and runs well. It is 6.67-inch wide and uses AMOLED tech for sharp colors, dark blacks, and strong contrast. It is great for games and making stuff with a really fast 120Hz rate. When you go outside, it gets very bright, up to 4000 nits, so you can see it in the sun. Also, it helps show HDR10+ and Dolby Vision that make colors very rich and show more info in HDR videos.

POCO F6 Pro display


While the full picture of the POCO F6 Pro’s camera system isn’t available yet, based on leaks and educated guesses, here’s what we can expect:

Main Sensor: The main thing in the show might be a big 50MP camera, probably a Sony IMX7xx type or Samsung ISOCELL GN type camera. These are top sensors that take clear pictures, especially in dark places.

POCO F6 Pro display

Secondary Cameras: There isn’t much clear info here. Leaks say there could be a super wide camera, maybe around 8MP, for taking big landscape and group photos. There might also be a 2MP close-up camera for small things.

Missing DetailsWe don’t know much about the zoom on the F6 Pro. Other phones like it can zoom in close on things far away, but we’re not sure if this one can. Also, we’re not sure how the software changes pictures. Poco phones sometimes change pictures a lot, making colors too strong and making things look too sharp. We hope the F6 Pro lets people change the picture more for a more real look.

Overall: The POCO F6 Pro’s main camera looks good on paper. But we need to wait for reviews to know if the other cameras, zoom, and software are also good. Then we can decide if the camera is really good.


The new POCO F6 Pro is a really fast phone. It has a top-notch processor called Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, which can handle tough jobs and games. This means you can switch between tasks quickly, apps load super fast, and games run really smoothly, even the ones with lots of fancy graphics. POCO also has a special cooling system called LiquidCool technology 4.0 that stops the phone from getting too hot when you’re pushing it hard. This means you won’t have any issues with the phone slowing down when you’re using it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a heavy phone user or just like things to run super well, the POCO F6 Pro is meant to give you a really good experience.

POCO F6 Pro processor


The new POCO F6 Pro uses Xiaomi’s HyperOS on top of Android 14. This OS is made for you, focusing on fitting in with Xiaomi’s smart system. It has AI features that are the main thing, like AI Portraits for real-like photo changes, AI Expansion for better image quality, and AI Magic Eraser Pro for erasing things from photos. You can do a lot at once, like run up to 46 apps on standby with 16GB RAM. POCO says you get three years of big software updates and one more year of security fixes to keep your phone current.

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The new POCO F6 Pro is built for lasting power with a big 5000mAh battery, a size common for top phones. This should easily last a full day with normal use, and maybe longer with power-saving on. But, playing games or doing many things at once might use up the battery faster.

POCO F6 Pro battery

The best part is the 120W fast charging. This means you can charge up really quick from nearly empty, great for anyone who needs a fast power-up on the move. POCO hasn’t said exactly how long it takes to charge yet, but with 120W, it could be under 30 minutes for a full charge.

Final verdict

The new POCO F6 Pro looks like a strong competitor in the top phone category, but we can’t say for sure until it launches. The rumored Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip offers great power for users and gamers, and the big 6.67-inch AMOLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate gives stunning visuals. Though the camera details are a secret, a 50MP main camera should give good photos. Also, the 5000mAh battery with 120W fast charging is a great mix for long power and quick recharges. Different storage options suit both heavy users and those needing lots of space.

But there are some unknowns. Not having info on other cameras and possible heat problems from the strong chip make it wise to wait for reviews. Also, the price, starting at ₹37,399 for 256GB, might push some people to pick known top phones that maybe have better cameras and more certain performance. If POCO keeps its promises and solves these issues, the F6 Pro could be a good choice for those who want a top phone without the high price.

Seven Specs Keys


Qualcomm SM8550-AB Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
6.67 inches, 107.4 cm2
50 MP +8 MP +2 MP
16 MP
5000 mAh
256GB 12GB RAM, 512GB 12GB RAM, 1TB 16GB RAM


Review Summary

Experts Reviews Rating 8.5/10

Design★  8.5/10Display★  8.5/10
Software★  8.0/10Camera★  8.0/10
Performance★  8.0/10Battery★  8.5/10


Why should you buy?

Want a strong phone that won’t cost too much? Check out the POCO F6 Pro! It has the newest Qualcomm chip that handles tough apps and games well, perfect for heavy users and gamers. The big 6.67-inch screen uses advanced tech to make everything look smooth and real. No need to worry about storage space—it offers choices from 12GB RAM with 256GB to 16GB RAM with a massive 1TB, all while letting you do lots of things at once and save all your stuff. To keep you going, it has a 5000mAh battery and fast 120W charging so you won’t be surprised by a low battery. And it has an improved cooling system to manage heat when you push it hard. If you want a phone that has lots of cool things and great power without the high price, the POCO F6 Pro is a top choice that’s ready to wow you.

Reasons to buy

Flagship Performance at a Mid-Range Price
Ultra-Smooth 120Hz AMOLED Display
Powerful Cameras (Likely)
Massive Storage Options
Long Battery Life with Blazing-Fast Charging


Reasons not to buy

Uncertain Camera Performance
Potential Heating Issues
Missing Software Details
Flagship Alternatives

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