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Google Pixel 8 Pro Reviews

Google Pixel 8 Pro

In India, the starting rate of the Google Pixel 8 Pro with 12GB RAM and 128GB storage is ₹103,999. For ₹110,999, there is a 256GB storage option present as well as on Google store. Google Pixel 8 Pro price in India starts from Rs. 98,999. The lowest price of Google Pixel 8 Pro is Rs. 98,999 at

google pixel 8 pro 1


Here is an overview of the key features of the Google Pixel 8 Pro:

  • Google Tensor G3 chip specific: With its ultra-fast and super-effective design, this new chip enhances the Pixel 8 Pro’s excellent photo and video abilities.
  • Triple camera system: The Pixel 8 Pro has a main sensor with 50MP, a 12MP ultrawide sensor, and a 48MP telephoto sensor on the rear. Additionally, there is a 10.5MP front-facing camera.
  • Wide OLED display: With a refresh rate of 120Hz, the Pixel 8 Pro offers a big OLED display. It means that even when you’re playing games or browsing through menus, the screen will remain responsive and smooth.
  • Long battery life: With a 5050mAh battery, the Pixel 8 Pro will be able to run for a full day on a single charge.
  • Clean Android experience: The Pixel 8 Pro comes with a clean, bloatware-free version of Android. Additionally, as soon fresh updates are available, you’re going to get them directly from Google.

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Google Pixel 8 Pro specifications

The Google Pixel 8 Pro has a big and bright 6.7-inch Super Actua display with a smooth 120Hz refresh rate. With a large 12GB of RAM for quick and efficient performance, the Google Tensor G3 CPU, which was developed specifically for this phone, operates it. You have an option for storage of 128GB or 256GB to keep your images, movies, and programs. With a primary sensor with 50MP, a 12MP ultrawide sensor, and a 48MP telephoto sensor for outstanding picture and video recording, the camera system on the back is a triple threat. With 10.5 megapixels, the front-facing camera takes excellent images and makes clear video calls. A powerful 5050mAh battery gives you with all-day use, and for extra comfort, it supports both 18W wireless charging and 30W rapid cable charging. Due to without bloatware and the confidence that you always get the most latest Google updates, the Pixel 8 Pro runs an optimized version of Android 14.


google pixel 8 pro 2

The Pixel 8 Pro obtains an ideal combination of design and performance. Found in a modern, shiny aluminum frame, it has a big, realistic 6.7-inch Super Actua display with a smooth refresh rate of 120Hz. Soft, matte glass on the back prevents fingerprints and provides an attractive contrast with the familiar metal camera bar. The triple-lens system has been placed in a single, bigger pill-shaped matrix in this new camera bar, give it a more sleek, more upscale look. The Pixel 8 Pro, which comes in vibrant colors like Bay, Porcelain, and Obsidian, is made completely of recycled aluminum for an environmental-friendly touch. It also has IP68 water and dust protection and resistant to scratches Gorilla Glass Victus 2 to add more durability.

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google pixel 8 pro display

With its amazing 6.7-inch Super Actua display, the Pixel 8 Pro brings up the world to you in a huge capacity. OLED technology works in this large canvas to produce vivid colors, rich blacks, and excellent contrast.  But the magic isn’t finished there.  Everything you viewpoint, from surfing social media to watching action-packed videos, appears wonderfully quick and smooth due to a smooth 120Hz refresh rate.  The Pixel 8 Pro’s display promises an engaging and highly detailed viewing experience, whether of whether you’re an artistic artist who edits images or a gamer who wants a full gaming experience.  To top it all off, Google decreased the bezels this year to improve viewing area with no loss in gripping comfort.


The triple-threat camera setup on the rear of the Google Pixel 8 Pro has been designed to take amazing pictures and videos in any lighting situation. The focal point is the 50MP primary sensor, with 1.2μm pixels and an incredible 1/1.31-inch sensor size. This combination provides superb performance in low light, getting vibrant colors and wonderful details into view even in low-light settings. Additionally, the sensor includes Octa Phase Detection (Octa PD) autofocus, allowing for quick and accurate focusing so you never miss an opportunity to capture it.

google pixel 8 pro 3

A 48 MP telephoto lens is working along with the primary sensor. Because of its high resolution, this lens is superb in zooming in on outside scenes without compromising image quality. It is helpful when taking photographs of people, animals, or little things from far away.

An ultrawide sensor with 48MP completes the package. With this wide-angle lens, you are able to fit more of the area into your photograph and take as big landscapes, cityscapes, or group photos in a single frame. It’s ideal for capturing the beauty of an amazing scene or the joy of a filled property.

The Pixel 8 Pro’s software features show Google’s expertise in digital imaging, in addition to its amazing hardware. Expect features like Real Tone for accurate and realistic skin tones, Night Sight for clear and brilliant midnight pictures, and Magic Eraser for removing unwanted objects from your photos. You can take razor-sharp video calls or detailed selfies via the 10.5MP front-facing camera.


The Google Pixel 8 Pro is a powerful device designed for multitasking successfully and run smoothly. The made specifically Google Tensor G3 processor is at the heart of all of it. The Tensor G3 is designed to work smoothly with Google’s software, putting efficiency and real-world performance first, despite the raw benchmarks might not be the most accurate. This appears to a phone that can easily perform demanding tasks like multitasking between apps, editing images, and playing games with complex graphics. A large 12GB of LPDDR5X RAM powers the processor, providing smooth program switching and background management of frequently used apps.
The strong combine with of a customized processor and lots of memory makes the Google Pixel 8 Pro a performance companion.

Google pixel 8 pro 5

Google Tensor G3 processor Google intentionally designed this CPU to be suitable with the Pixel 8 Pro’s software, bringing real-world performance and efficiency over the top benchmark scores. 12GB of LPDDR5X RAM With a lot of RAM, multitasking runs easily and frequently used apps remain open in the background, so you can switch between them quickly and lag-free.

The Pixel 8 Pro’s 12GB of RAM and Tensor G3 processor allowing it to easily perform demanding tasks like:

  • Photo editing: Easily apply complex changes to photos that have excellent resolution.
  • Running multiple apps at once: You can smoothly shift between social media, email, and web browsing without fearing about your phone being overloaded with work.
  • Playing graphics-intensive games: Take advantage of the latest games with no lag and fast loading times.

The phone also has a clean, bloatware-free version of Android 14 installed. The gadget works faster and more smoothly overall due to this optimized software.  Simply put, whether they are performance heavyweights or casual users, the Pixel 8 Pro is designed for users who want a quick and easy experience.


The Pixel 8 Pro occurs clean Android 14, free from bloatware that slows down other phones. You enjoy a smooth organized experience as an outcome. Google places an importance for quick updates, so you always get access to the latest security patches and features. Additionally, Pixel-only tools like Real Tone and Magic Eraser enhance your images and videos.

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The Pixel 8 Pro has a long-lasting 5050mAh battery, optimized to keep you powered via the entirety of the day. According to Google, it is more effective than the prior generation of Pixels. On the opposite hand, real-world usage might vary depending on activities like app usage and screen brightness. The Pixel 8 Pro has 30W rapid wired charging compatibility, and so you are able to top off your battery when needed, helping reduce your fears about running out of battery. Additionally, it offers 18W wireless charging for efficient charging at night or if on a trip.

Final verdict

The Google Pixel 8 Pro develops as an attractive option for Android users looking for an expensive phone experience.  It places excellent cameras, a long-lasting battery, and clean software before anything else. With its flexible triple-lens camera system which combines an impressive main sensor, outstanding telephoto abilities, and a wide-angle lens—the Pixel 8 Pro shines.  For those who love taking images, Google’s technological photography skills are a dream come true since they improve image quality more and more.  With frequent updates sent directly from Google, the Pixel 8 Pro, running an unbloated version of Android 14, ensures an easy and current experience.  Day-long power is assured by the 5050mAh battery, and peace of mind is given with support with both rapid wired and wireless charging.

While the exclusive Tensor G3 CPU performs effectively, benchmark scores may not always show its superior performance. However, the Pixel 8 Pro offers flawless performance for both regular and demanding applications for a lot of users.  Although the design is well-constructed and useful, it might not be the most attractive item offered.

The Pixel 8 Pro presents itself as a formidable competitor for the title of Android flagship smartphone in the end. The Pixel 8 Pro is an excellent choice if having great cameras, a clean user experience, and a long battery life are the most important things to you.  But, you may wish to look at other possibilities before choosing, particularly if a phone’s unique design or raw processing power are your top priorities.

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Seven Specs Key

Google Pixel 8 Pro

1.       12 GB
2.       Google Tensor G3
3.       50 MP + 48 MP + 48 MP
4.       10.5 MP
5.       5050 mAh
6.       6.7 inches (17.02 cm)
7.       128GB 12GB RAM, 256GB 12GB RAM, 512GB 12GB RAM, 1TB 12GB RAM
8.       GSM / HSPA / LTE / 5G

Review Summary

Expert Rating★8.0/10


Design ★ 8.5/10Display ★ 8.5/10
Software ★ 9.0/10Camera ★ 8.0/10
Performance ★ 7.5/10Battery ★ 7.5/10

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Why should you buy?

The Google Pixel 8 Pro is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a smartphone with excellent photography. With a powerful primary sensor, a long-range telephoto, and a wide-angle lens, its adaptive triple-lens camera system is boosted by Google’s digital imaging magic. For those who enjoy taking images, this turns into amazing pictures and videos when a photographer’s dream come true.

The Pixel 8 Pro offers a clean software experience in addition to its cameras.  The Pixel operates a pure version of Android 14, which promises an easy and modern experience, as opposed to many phones that are slowed down by bloatware. Google will immediately provide you with security updates and latest features.  Moreover, you will get a full day’s performance from the 5050mAh battery, and relaxed access is made possible by compatibility for both quick wired and wireless charging.

So the Google Pixel 8 Pro deserves careful review if taking amazing pictures, having a long-lasting battery, and using a clean and secure Android system are your top requirements in a smartphone.

Reasons to buy

Exceptional Photography
Clean Software Experience
Long Battery Life
7 years of OS updates

Reasons not to buy

More Expensive
Charges Slowly
Throttling Issues And Gets Warm

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